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FILM ABOUT  PRESIDENT OF YUGOSLAVIA JOSIP BROZ TITO/ shot on Super 16 / DOCUMENTARY FILM (cinema version 72 min, TV and VOD version 62 min.)

This movie is showing a life of Josip Broz – Tito, the life time president of Yugoslavia. People who worked for him are sharing with us  their personal experiences they had with the president..Tito was very interesting personality who leaded Yugoslavia for 40 years and was very well accepted by the Hollywood actors of the time as well by the queens and kings and other political leaders..                     Very exciting film to watch to learn more about the country that once existed – Yugoslavia.

Directed and written by Janja Glogovac Cinematographers: Sandra Stojanović, Radoslav Vladi Editor: Adela Špaljova Co-production:Bindweed soundvision, Slovenian television (RTV Slovenia) and Czech television (CT)


Amsterdam IDFA, Independent Buenos Aires film festival, Beograd – film authors” festival, Dubrovnik film festival, Munich film festival, Beograd – festival of author film, Jichlava – documentary film festival, KarlovyVary film festival, FAMU film festival, Slovenian film festival,..Release on national TVs: Slovenian, Czech, Croatian (Latinica show – with the director’s discussion 2001), Monte Negro


2001 – third prize – First appearance, on Amsterdam IDFA film festival, 2002 – nomination for Viktor – Slovenian best TV film, 2001 – Selected for the best documentary film of the year 2002, by the readers of ‘Stop’ review in Slovenia.

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Produced by

Bindweed production

Co-produced by

RTV Slovenia

Supported by

Slovenian film Foundation


February 20, 2021


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