Vox distribution is made for people with visionary touch for creation. It is connecting different experienced authors and producers that are already known in film festival world as well in the film industry. It is made from passion for film and creation. It is world wide distribution that is giving you a platform to distribute your work.

We think it’s important to make films that are opening new views on situation in the world or giving a different angle. The films we are looking for are those that are different by the visual or informative side of the storytelling. We are here for all of those film makers who are not afraid to come into first line and say with moving pictures what has to be said to open mind of the audience.

Our distribution is working with some excellent marketing and PR companies that can make your film visible and give you the spot light that you and your work deserve.

We are also connected with the post production companies and have a team for developing your script or finish your film work with the highly respected and professional team. If you have such a project send us your pitch at 3voxproduction@gmail.com.

We make films with value and distribute it with love and respect.

See you on the bright side where impossible is possible.

VOX team