Young, wild and autobiographically inspired film in which a Slovenian student at the Prague film school FAMU goes looking for money for her first film, luck and happiness, but sometimes gets a little lost in all of this.

The tagline ‘Make Love Not Movies’ of this ‘young’ and wild film refers to the experiences of the film maker while making her debut. The main character Gina is most probably autobiographically inspired. She is a young film maker who has just finished her studies and is looking for a good script for her first feature. The school is the prestigious FAMU film school in Prague and her professor is the famous director Otakar Vavra (playing himself in this film).

Gina, originally from Slovenia, is emotionally lost. Even though she has a boyfriend, she dreams of the perfect love where they would not be separated, a dream that doesn’t go with her career plans. She slowly starts to lose herself in the wild parties with friends, mixing her own life with ideas for the movie she wants to make. Her best Czech friend, Tomas, is secretly in love with her and wants to help her find money for her film. He fakes a car crash, as part of an insurance fraud plan. That event influences both of their lives radically and unexpectedly – they fall into a web of drugs, mafia and dishonesty.

This film is an illusion of fiction where real people play their roles without confronting the truth. It also illustrates how young immigrants from former Yugoslavia came to Prague in the search of a new life and love. (LC)